Sharon Stone calls China quakes "karma" for tibetans

Sharon Stone on the Sichuan(China) earthquake 2008 - AOL Video

Sharon Stones response to the Sichuan earthquake: ITS KARMA! Heres what Sharon... Stone said on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival when asked about the earthquake that has devastated the Sichuan Province:
"Well you know it was very interesting because at first, you know, I am not happy about the ways the Chinese were treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And so I have been very concerned about how to think and what to do about that because I don’t like THAT. And I had been this, you know, concerned about, oh how should we deal with the Olympics because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine. And all these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought: IS THAT KARMA... when you are not nice that bad things happen to you? And then I got a letter, from the Tibetan Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they ask me if I would write a quote about that and I said, “I would.” And it was a big lesson to me, that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you. And that’s a big lesson for me..."

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“I am deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people.”


Actress Stone and Dior Differ Over Apology - NYTimes.com

Actress Stone and Dior Differ Over Apology
Published: June 1, 2008
THERE is no denying that the high-heeled foot in Sharon Stone’s mouth at the Cannes Film Festival belongs to the actress herself. She admitted that her comments suggesting that karmic retribution may have caused the devastating earthquakes in China were blithering.
“Clearly, I sound like an idiot,” said Ms. Stone on Thursday evening from her home in Los Angeles, after she had watched a widely viewed Internet video of her remarks from Cannes.
In the red-carpet interview on May 22, Ms. Stone, who was about to enter a fund-raising gala for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, of which she was a host, told a journalist: “I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And the earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that bad things happen to you?”
The comments created a stir in the Chinese news media and on blogs, and Dior, which has a modeling contract with Ms. Stone for a face cream, removed her from advertising in China, fearing a backlash. Dior’s Shanghai office issued a statement in which Ms. Stone was quoted apologizing: “I am deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people.”
In the 45-minute telephone interview Thursday night, Ms. Stone was at first strident and then contrite about her remarks. She insisted her comments in Cannes had been taken out of context. She also said that she resisted Dior’s efforts at damage control, and that the apology issued in her name distorted her words.
Early last week, Ms. Stone said, she received a call from Sidney Toledano, the chief executive of Dior, which hired the actress for beauty advertisements in 2005. “I talked to Sidney and I said: ‘Let’s get serious here. You guys know me very well. I’m not going to apologize. I’m certainly not going to apologize for something that isn’t real and true ? not for face creams.’ ”
Ms. Stone said the interview in Cannes with her remarks about Tibet and karma came at the end of a media line of 80 to 100 television crews. She believes, but is not certain, the interviewer was from a Hong Kong television station. The call letters on the microphone are blurred out on Internet sites showing the video.
If Ms. Stone’s expression in the video seemed unduly happy as she referred to the earthquakes in Sichuan Province, which have taken the lives of more than 68,000 people, it may be because, as she said on Thursday, she had recently been in communication with the Bridge Fund, which does work on behalf of Tibetans, and was touched by the group’s relief efforts in the devastated area.
On May 20, Ms. Stone said, she received an e-mail message from her friend Monica Garry, executive director of the Bridge Fund, requesting a quote from the actress for the organization’s Web site that might encourage people to give money to the relief.
“This was the story I was telling the reporter” at Cannes, Ms. Stone said, adding that some of her explanatory comments were edited out.
At the end of the film festival, on May 24, Ms. Stone flew to Stockholm, where she was scheduled to address a global health forum attended by scientists and public health experts. Meanwhile, Chinese blogs were starting to condemn Ms. Stone for being insensitive.
“Now it’s turned into a three-ring circus,” said Ms. Stone, who is 50 and is set to begin production in Louisiana on a film with Val Kilmer called “Streets of Blood.”
Like many European luxury brands, Dior, which reported double-digit growth in China for the first three months of the year, looks to emerging consumer markets as a major source of revenue, and it is eager to avoid causing offense. In April, a pro-Tibetan demonstration during the Olympic torch relay in Paris brought calls in China to boycott the French retailer Carrefour.
Ms. Stone said that she told Mr. Toledano of Dior that since she didn’t believe she had done anything wrong, why didn’t Dior let her clarify her remarks with a statement? That statement, which Cindi Berger, a publicist for Ms. Stone, sent to The New York Times in an e-mail message, said, in part: “I am deeply saddened that a 10-second poorly edited film clip has besmirched my reputation of over 20 years of charitable services on behalf of international charities. My intention is to be of service to the Chinese people.” She expressed sympathy for the earthquake victims and said she regretted if her comments in Cannes were misunderstood.
Yet the apology released in Ms. Stone’s name by Dior’s office in Shanghai bears little resemblance to the original, and the difference seemed to irritate the star. To many bloggers, the apology made Ms. Stone seem at once groveling and insincere ? another actress doing what she has to save a movie career.
“It makes it appear that I’m in agreement that I did a bad thing,” Ms. Stone said, adding that she believes the statement was not a poor translation but rather rewritten. It is unclear who at Dior provided the statement to the Chinese news media.
For actresses like Ms. Stone, whose image sells products, there is little room for fumbling. She said that she and Mr. Toledano have not discussed her contract with the company.
A Dior spokesman said Friday that Mr. Toledano was returning from a trip to China, along with his boss, Bernard Arnault, the chairman of LVMH Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton, and could not be reached for comment.
Although Ms. Stone said she is less concerned by the appeasing attitude of corporations toward China than what she calls the sensational tactics of journalists, she nonetheless sounded chastened by the episode. Noting more than once that she helped raised $10 million at the amfAR gala, Ms. Stone said that in the future she will chose her words more carefully. “I am really sorry that it created such a thing,” she said. “I misspoke for four seconds and it’s become an international incident.”
It was only after reviewing the video in her home toward the end of the interview that it seemed to dawn on Ms. Stone why her comments had caused such an uproar. “I had absolutely no intention of saying that, which I did say,” she said, “and now, looking at it on the tape, I look like a complete ding-dong.”

<チベット><大地震>シャロン発言と不買受け緊急声明―仏ディオール(Record China) - Yahoo!ニュース

5月28日0時28分配信 Record China
 2008年5月27日午後3時すぎ、クリスチャン・ディオール中国は同化粧品ブランドParfums Christian Diorパルファン・クリスチャン・ディオール)のCAPTURE TOTALE(カプチュール・トータル)シリーズのイメージキャラクターである女優シャロン・ストーンが、四川大地震について悪意ある発言を行ったことに対し、中国のポータルサイト「新浪」の女性向けサイト「新浪女性」を通じ、声明を発表した。
 声明は、「ハリウッドスターのシャロン・ストーンが5月24日に仏カンヌで香港メディアの取材に対し、不用意に行った発言と当社の理念とはまったく相容れないもので、深い遺憾の意を表する」と述べ、「我々は中国人民の感情を傷つけるいかなる言論も決して支持しない」としている。【 その他の写真 】

Actress Stone and Dior Differ Over Apology

しかし、すでに「報い」発言の影響は世界規模に拡大し、間もなくクランクインの米中合作映画「人魚帝国」からの降板が決まったほか、長年イメージキャラクターをつとめるファッションブランド「Christian Dior」でも、シャロンと境界線を引く動きを見せている。(翻訳・編集/Mathilda)

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YouTube - Sharon Stone為其四川大地震是報應Karma的言論道歉-crocodile tears

 ていうか、「And that’s a big lesson for me」のあとにも何か言ってるよ!
HEAVEN シャロン・ストーンさんを擁護した中国若手人気作家、韓寒さんのブログが炎上
YouTube - Full version of Sharon Stone's "earthquake karma" interview

 テキスト化されたものはこちら。一応「And that’s a big lesson for me」以降を引用。

And so , it was a big evolution for me and a bigprocess of...of learning that...process.
And then I read in the paper today that Dalai Lamawas going all over Europe trying to speak to theworld leaders and the world leaders didn't want tomeet him because the world leaders, they don't wantthe Chinese people to be mad at them cause theytalked to Dalai Lama and I thought this is just abunch of bullshit, And everybody's acting like crazypeople.
Reporter: You know, Zhang Ziyi had a pressconference yesterday about the earthquake. She saidshe would like to come today to speak about it, areyou going to give her a chance...
Sharon Stone: Who?
Reporter: Zhang Ziyi.
Sharon Stone: Anybody can say anything theywant to, it's a free place to talk and do and saywhatever they want to say.
I just think this whole behavior has got to stop,and,you know, Chinese people have got to be morekind...and you can't be compartmentalized ,it's thesame way with AIDS, when we compartmentalizegay people, now all this children are dying, one everyminute, you can't do that, and Chinese people can'tcompartmentalize either, then who's gonna helpthem , when they are in trouble? You can'tcompartmentalize, it's not nice, we have to be nicerReporter: Should we watch the Olympics at all?
Sharon Stone: of course, because we can'tcompartmentalize either, we have to be kind too, wehave to set an example of how we want people to be,so we were all gonna have to be , the best people wecan be, so you know, i don't think boycotting is theanswer...but I do think that we have to be kinderand the Chinese have to be kinderI don't think anybody should be anything, I don'tthink anybody has an obligation to be any way exceptkind...Thank You.

 レポーターの質問にある「Zhang Ziyi(チャン・ツィイー)」氏(女史)について興味を持ちました。
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Ziyi Zhang Raises Awareness About China Earthquake